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Practical help and advice


Even more top tips for setting up and running a community organisation

January 7, 2015

In a recent blog, we shared some top tips on setting up a community organisation from Sarah Bishton, from the Advice Team at Community Matters. Here, you can read the second instalment with even more advice. Sarah took part in …
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Safe Network

The top five safeguarding considerations when setting up a group

December 23, 2014

Are you setting up an organisation for children or young people? Or does your community group run activities for them? If so, take a look at the top five safeguarding considerations from the Safe Network which can help you to …
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Community Matters

Top tips for setting up and running a community organisation

December 18, 2014

On 26 November 2014, we held a live discussion on our forum with Sarah Bishton, one of Community Matters’ advice team. Community Matters is the national membership and support organisation for the community sector. Their Advice Line provides guidance on …
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Tips from a Community Champion

November 27, 2014

  This week, we caught up with Ash Bearman from Shire Community Action Forum (SCAF) in a live Q&A on the Just Act forum. Ash is one of our Community Champions, on hand to share experiences of running community projects …
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Community Champions

How do you show you’re making a difference?

November 5, 2014

In our most recent live discussion over on the Just Act forum we asked some of our Community Champions as well as some of the CDF staff for tips on sharing your project’s impact.
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Jamie Evans

How to show you’re changing the world

September 24, 2014

Jamie Evans is on the Research Team at the Community Development Foundation. Whether it’s putting a smile on the face of a single child or helping to protect the whole planet from global warming, community groups do things that really …
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The community groups’ very simple guide to setting up a website

September 11, 2014

Even if you only go online every so often to check your emails (and visit Just Act, of course), it’s now becoming more common that even small community groups and projects have their own website. Luckily, these days setting up …
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Community Champions

How do you get funding for your community project?

August 22, 2014

We held our monthly live discussion over on the Just Act Forum yesterday (21 August). Our topic was ‘how to get funding for your community project’ and we really enjoyed all of the great advice and tips that came up. …
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What is the best thing about getting involved with your community?

August 13, 2014

Catch up on our first ever Live Q&A with a Community Champion. You can meet Craig and find out about his journey from homelessness to leading volunteering projects in the community.
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How do you get others involved in your community project?

July 23, 2014

Yesterday (22 July) we had our second Just Act live discussion and some of our Community Champions popped by to share their experiences. Community Champions are people who are already involved in community projects from across the country so have …
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