Thanks for your interest!


Thanks for joining the My Community Network, its great to have you on board! Now that you’re signed up, there are a few things you can do to get started straight away.

Take a look at the forum

We’d love to know who you are and what projects you’re involved with or what you’re interested in. Over in the Just Act forum, you can introduce yourself at any time. It’s a great way to connect with other people who are involved with similar work and to find out what other people are up to across the country.

If you’ve got a specific question that you’d like some help with, why not start your own thread in the forum? You’ll find people with similar experiences willing to help, and we often have experts from the different programmes, as well as other organisations, online who will be able to offer advice and support.

Explore our resources

You can also access a wide range of resources in the 10 Steps and Knowledge Bank – these come from all kinds of different organisations and are published here to help you with any issues or questions you might have throughout your project.

Look out for live discussions

We’ll have lots of scheduled discussions in the forum over the next few months on different topics, as well as events with other like-minded people. If you’ve signed up to receive emails from us, we’ll keep you up to date with when these are happening and how to get involved. If not, don’t forget to check back on the site from time to time – everything will be promoted on our homepage.

Find out more about My Community

And if you’re new to My Community, you can find out more about what it’s all about by visiting the My Community website.

This will give you information on all the support and grants programmes on offer and gives you details of what they’re all about and how to apply. It also gives you information about the My Community Network and the different kinds of activity and support that’s available.