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Where to apply for a community grant

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    Hi All,

    I am here to find advise as to where to apply for funding to organise a street party to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday.
    In 2013 developer David Wilson applied for planning permission for 200 ish houses to be situated in Clanfield, East Hants. They won over the Parish Coucil by promising to provide for the wider community and support the local amenities such as doctors, local/independant businesses. Anyway, I am a resident on the new estate and it is absolutely mayhem! Although they show banners suggesting they are involved in the CCS (Considerate Community Scheme) I have yet to see them adhere the regulations for this due to Health n Safety and communication with regards to the residents. Well, basically they have done the exact opposite… No play area after 3 yrs, no permanent roads leading to damage to residents vehicles, disruption of daily lives due to deliveries/road closures during commuting times etc etc..

    Basically, they are rather neglegant towards our specific needs and due to no facilities for the residents kids there has been vandalism, bullying etc which has broken the small community and causing some issues. We as in Windmill View residents applied to our local council in regards to a street party for the Queens Birthday as a hope to restore the community and build friendships between the kids which have been frayed through boredom!! David Wilson rejected our application for the 2 big community area’s but have agreed to the small area which is used as a dog field.. yep, poo picking before the event.. Nice!! Anyway, we also applied to the Parish Council for their support for giving us permission to try and rebuild the community to which they refused point blank. BUT will allow it to go ahead if WE as residents provide and pay for the entertainment,food and licensing AND the WHOLE of Clanfield! This is not an option as it would create issues regarding Health and Safety, Disruption of roads having to be shut due to the sheer volume of residents in the village and so on. Basically feels like blackmail to me! So…. I was hoping there is someone on here that wld be able to pass on any knowledge or information as to how we can get them to back down and allow us to build the trust back for all residents because as far as i was aware, due to the event being related to the Royal Family local counil’s are to be lenient and lower the code red to support a better community! Also how,where,who can I apply to get community funding/grants to help us residents afford the event (all money received on the day to be given to The Rowans Charity) and to undo the mess caused by David Wilson regarding negligence and giving a false impression by having CCS banners on site.(I looked on their site and I could not find anywhere to say that it is on the CCS therefore misleading all residents and not cohering with safety rules!

    Kind Regards
    Hopeful (or not very in this case)

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    Hi Tina.

    Thank you for this interesting post.

    I think you need to contact the Hampshire Association of Local Councils and see what they would advise – 02380 688 061 / hampshirealc@eastleigh.gov.uk .

    Hope this helps,

    Chris (NALC)

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    Hi Tina

    My parents also live in Clanfield and I would suggest that you also contact the Parish Council Clerk who should be able to help you with grant funding, however they do have limited funding should there be a number of street parties. They have specific powers to assist with this type of activity and should be supporting their local community.

    If you require a road closure then you will need to apply for a licence from Hampshire County Council.

    Also contact your ward councillor at East Hants District Council as they help provide community grants.

    Also you may wish to subscribe to http://www.streetlife.com to help raise support from local residents.

    I hope this helps. All the best.

    Hope this helps.

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