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Key Topics for Neighbourhood Planning Champions Residential Live Chat – 10 Feb

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    Hi Everyone,

    On Wednesday 10 February at 12.30pm we’ll be holding the next Neighbourhood Planning live chat all about ‘Key Topics for Neighbourhood Planning Champions Residential Event’.

    This is your chance to let us know what you’d like to see covered at the events and the things that you’d find it useful to know more about. We want to hear from as many of you as possible so we can ensure that the events are really useful, so if you’re unable to join the chat live, please leave your thoughts here in this thread, along with any questions you might have and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Any technical problems with the forum, please email communications@cdf.org.uk
    You’ll need to be logged in to Just Act to post anything, and you can change your password by following the link on the log in screen.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all!


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    Hi Gemma.

    Thanks for that. NALC encourages all My Community parishes undergoing the Neighbourhood Planning process to join this exciting live NP web chat on 10/2.


    Chris (NALC)

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    Hi Gemma

    I would like to know how many people are expected to attend the Sheffield event?

    Want to know what literature might be provided so that it can be given out later to any Council or Parish Meeting that might be interested in starting off a NP.

    A check list of points to go through might be useful.

    Questions to ask residents at meeings about setting up a NP’s

    Questions to put into a questionaire for residents

    For many years I have personally provided most of the above but if the NP Champions network is being updated the time now might be right to have some more formal documents available to us

    Regret I shall not be able to take part in the online discussion on 10thh Feb.as I shall be walking in the High Peak of Derbyshire – unless the snow is too deep !!

    Regards to all


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    Hi Gemma

    I think a really important question for the chat is-

    “When a NDP is made or carries significant weight, under NPPF 198 it can effectively determine planning applications. Yet where a 5yr housing land supply in a district cannot be demonstrated it can outweigh the NDP and detailed local site assessment that has gone into making the NDP, allowing developers to build where they want. Surely this undermines, and makes a mockery of the whole NDP process.”



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    Unfortunately I won’t be at the residential event as I’ll be working. However, from the various comments and queries I’ve seen on this forum, most of the Champions posting are quite experienced in Neighbourhood Planning, either having completed their NP and willing to offer hints and tips to others, or quite far down the line. If the likely audience at the live event is similar, then issues of interest going forward are probably less about the mechanics of doing a NP from scratch and more about long term issues, eg:

    – legal status and weight of NPs in furture decision making, in the context of a shifting or developing Local Plan
    – Appeals: future Sec of State intervention in appeals when an NP is an issue and weight given to a NP
    – Neighbourhood Plan reviews advice (since there is no actual legal requirement to review them, unlike Local Plans) – eg regular review or event triggered?
    – Case Law update
    – Case studies
    – CIL local financial benefits of having a NP in place (update from around the country on which Parish Councils have benefited from this, ie have a NP in place AND a LPA which has introduced CIL)
    – Funding availability and support from CLG and LA’s in the future

    If the papers and notes of the conference could also be made available on line for people who are unable to attend, that would also be useful please.

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    Hi Gemma and others on the chat

    I’m based in Sheffield and we in the city need support on our neighbourhood planning/ACVs, Right to Buy and Right to Bid etc. Where can we go for practical help and advice? None of the South Yorkshire COMA bids were successful(I’m given to understand), but the need is still there – perhaps even more so in our hard pressed communities where the local authority is so desperate to sell land and community buildings. I have spoken to Locality in Sheffield, to the Civic Trust and am casting about for ideas.

    Whilst I’m based at Sharrow Community Forum I am also asking on behalf of several other groups in the City Region.

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    Hi Gemma

    I think Jeff is spot on with regard to his comments on possible agenda items.


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    Hello Neighbourhood Planning Champions!
    We are really pleased to see so much interest in the forthcoming web chat and Residentials.

    Just to remind you all that today is the last day to sign up for the Sheffield or Bristol events, so if you haven’t done so already please do. Email me at carole.reilly@locality.org.uk if you have a specific query about them, or post it here, I will be keeping an eye on the forum.

    We are aiming for the programmes to cover the topics you suggested when you signed up, with lots of time for networking and sharing good practice.
    We will spend time looking specifically at the current climate and how to encourage neighbourhood planning in your wider area.

    Looking forward to talking to you all on the 10th.

    Head of Neighbourhoods and Housing

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    I agree with John about the 5YHLS. This tends to be bounded about by our LPA as a response to anything planning related (seemingly as an excuse to pass application)

    Could I ask that the timings for the residential be published as soon as possible. I need to get some childcare arranged, but cannot do this until I know the start/finish times. Also where it is will be handy aswell!
    Thanks, Faye 🙂

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    Dates, Venues, and timings for the Champions Residentials

    The Neighbourhood Planning Residentials will be held in Sheffield at the Jury’s Inn Hotel on the 9th and 10th March and in Bristol on the 15th and 16th March at the Holiday Inn. We are still refining the programme but the outline times are:

    Day One will start at formally at 1.00 on the first day, however immediately prior to that at 12-1 we will welcome people with a buffet lunch and opportunity to meet other delegates. We would ask people to arrive at 12.00
    We will end Day Two in the same manner, with the programme ending at 1.30.

    These times may be subject to a slight tweak, but not a substantial change.

    I hope this is helpful
    Best wishes

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    Hi John and Faye,

    Thank you for your query on weight of neighbourhood plan policies in areas where a 5 year housing land supply cannot be demonstrated.

    It is true that where a neighbourhood plan has been made for an area with an out of date 5 year housing supply, the relevant policies in the neighbourhood plan may carry less weight than for neighbourhood plans in areas where there is an up to date 5 year housing supply. However, this does not mean that these policies carry no weight at all and it very much depends on a case by case basis- the decision maker may give such a policy weight if he determines it is reasonable to do so.

    For example, Mr Justice Lindblom in Crane v SSCLG [2015] EWHC 425 was presented with a challenge to a decision made by the Secretary of State for a proposal for 111 residential dwellings in Broughton Astley in Leicestershire in an area which was not allocated for housing in the neighbourhood plan. The Secretary of State had refused planning permission on the basis that the development was in conflict with the neighbourhood plan, even though the local authority did not have a 5 year land supply and both the local plan and neighbourhood plan were out of date under the NPPF. In this case Mr Justice upheld the decision of the Secretary of State to refuse the planning permission.

    Mr Justice Lindblom noted that in relation to the NPPF paragraph 14 and weighting, it is not a matter of law but of planning judgment. Mr Justice also noted that neither paragraph 49 nor paragraph 14 of the NPPF advises that policies for the supply of housing should be given no weight or minimal weight or any specific amount of weight. Instead the critical consideration for him in this case was whether the harm associated with the proposed development “significantly and demonstrably” outweighed any benefit, or that there are specific policies in the NPPF which indicate that development should be restricted. Mr Justice stated that the Secretary of State had not made a mistake in determining that the proposed development was in conflict with the neighbourhood plan even though the core strategy’s policies were out-of-date.

    This example illustrates that neighbourhood plans can still have weight, even if there is no up to date 5 year supply of deliverable housing sites, as how much weight should be given to a plan with housing policies that are out of date is a matter of planning judgement, not law. Therefore, even if policies are not considered up to date, they can still have weight and therefore prevent developers from building where they want. So the fact that a local authority does not have a demonstrable 5 year housing land supply, does not mean it undermines the neighbourhood plan.

    Through our extensive work with neighbourhood planning groups, this is our understanding of the situation, however it is not formal advice/guidance; and is not a substitute for your own professional/legal advice.

    I hope you find this helpful.


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    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for your query. My colleague Kobie has added a response to the Community Assets forum, which I have also included below.

    I hope you find this helpful.


    ‘Thanks for your question, to which unfortunately there is no easy answer. There are a few Yorkshire groups which are on the COMA programme, however they are busy finishing using their support through the programme and preparing their end of year reports as this programme is drawing to a close in March 2016. We do however have a Champions Network which many of the groups have on COMA have signed up to, and so we may be able to provide some support through this network. There’s more information found here: http://mycommunity.org.uk/my-community-network/.

    In terms of Neighbourhood Planning, all groups writing a neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development order will be eligible to apply for up to £8,000 in grant as part of our package of support in the period 2015-2018. This can be accessed to undertake a range of activities (as outlined in the grant guidance notes, which you can access here: http://mycommunity.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Guidance-notes-for-applicants_Neighbourhood-Planning_year-2-grant-and-TS-final-010216.pdf).

    Activities include: hiring consultants to help write project plans, helping to draft policies and other specialist activities, as well as other activities including printing costs and venue hire costs. The grant guidance also notes what activities are not eligible and also provides information on how to apply for grant support.

    Groups facing a range of complex issues are able to apply for further support from the programme. This support can come in two forms:
    • Technical support provided by AECOM – if a group are classed as complex there are a range of technical support packages that groups are able to apply for as and when they become needed. The packages of technical support include: undertaking a strategic environmental assessment, evidence base and policy review, and housing advice and assessment. Please see the grant guidance notes for the full list of technical support packages available.
    • Groups are also be eligible to apply for a further grant of up to £6,000 giving a total grant ceiling of £14,000 in the period 2015-2018

    Please see the grant guidance notes for criteria on whether or not a group can be considered complex. Groups need to meet one or more of the criteria. The criteria includes: if you are a Neighbourhood Forum (i.e. where there is no Town or Parish Council), if you are a Neighbourhood area with a highly diverse community, or if you are a Neighbourhood area which have a highly transient community. Please see the guidance note for the full list of criteria.

    In terms of advice –
    Locality also offers assistance through the MyCommunity advice line on 0300 020 1864 (Monday –Friday, 9.30am – 12.30pm), where you can contact the neighbourhood planning team for neighbourhood planning specific questions as you go through the neighbourhood plan process. You can of course also talk to our team about ACVs and Right to Bid for advice.

    There is also, the neighbourhood planning area of the MyCommunity website (which you can access here: http://mycommunity.org.uk/resources/?keywords=&category=&post_tag=&programme=neighbourhood-planning&sortby=date&sortdir=DESC&filterable=true%29, and has a host of resources and toolkits available to help communities as they prepare neighbourhood plans. Some of the toolkits provide advice on how to undertake effective consultation, how to write plan policies, how to develop project plans and how to undertake housing needs assessments.

    There are also resources around Right to Bid and ACVs which are on the MyCommunity website (which you can access here: http://mycommunity.org.uk/resources/keywords=&category=&post_tag=&programme=community-asset-transfer&sortby=date&sortdir=DESC&filterable=true).

    One of my colleagues will also give you a call separately to talk through your individual details offline, but hopefully this is helpful in the interim.
    – See more at: http://www.justact.org.uk/forums/topic/coma-live-chat-tuesday-9-february-12-30pm/#sthash.9tkFw44K.dpuf

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    Hi all.

    Welcome to the live Neighbourhood planning champions web chat. I’m Emma from Locality. We’re really glad you could join us and look forward to meeting you all in Sheffield and Bristol. This is your chance to let us know what you’d like to see covered at the events and things you’d find it useful to know more about. Myself, Carole Reilly (Head of Neighbourhoods and Housing) and Francis Shaw (Neighbourhood Planning Officer) are here to answer your questions for the next hour.

    We’re finalising programmes this week so they should be with you on Monday. I’ve popped it in draft format below so you have a rough idea of what will be happening. Please note this will still be subject to change.

    Day One

    12.00 pm Arrival, lunch and registration.
    1.00 pm Introduction to the Champions event
    Introduction from DCLG and Locality. We’ll introduce what will be covered over the next two days and explain how your feedback has helped structure this event.
    1.30 pm The National Context. Policy and legislation update
    The National picture for Neighbourhood Planning in England.
    Review of Legislation and Policy context Since the Localism Act
    Upcoming changes introduced in the Housing Bill.
    2.30 pm What makes a good plan
    Independent examiner Ann Skippers talks about her role as a Neighbourhood Plan examiner. Highlighting both good and bad practice, explaining the examination process and how you can support other Neighbourhood plan groups through the examination.
    3.45 pm Tea & Coffee break
    4.00 pm Breakout sessions
    This session is designed to give you a more detailed look at one of the key issues for Neighbourhood Planning and help you develop the skills to problem solve with other neighbourhood plan groups.
    Please pick one from the two options and sign up at registration.
    • Community engagement
    • Policy writing
    5.00 pm The role of a Neighbourhood Planning Champion
    This session will help identify what help is needed to maintain a strong champion network in the future. We will help you start to build your champion pledge and meet other champions in your area.
    6.00 pm Check in. Free time. Optional surgeries.
    A chance to ask specific questions of our Neighbourhood Plan experts. Book your 15 minute session at registration
    7.30 pm Dinner & Networking
    A chance for you to informally meet other Neighbourhood Planning champions from your area.

    Day Two


    9.15 am Start and refreshments
    9.30 am Sharing the Champions message
    Led by our Locality Communication team. This session will help you learn the social media/press skills to spread the message about neighbourhood planning. It will enable you to create a ‘Champion action plan’.
    11.00 am Your biggest challenge
    Your chance to get on your Neighbourhood planning soapbox. Please sign up at registration for this session. It’s a chance to share your stories, questions & issues. You’ll have 2 minutes to talk and the group will have 5 minutes to discuss each topic.
    11.30 am Brunch break
    12.00 pm Breakout sessions
    A chance to repeat one of the sessions from yesterday.
    Please pick one from the three options and sign up at registration.
    • Environmental issues (EIA/SEA)
    • Housing needs
    1.00 pm The way forward
    This session will help you complete your Neighbourhood Planning Champion pledge and identify the next three steps you will take forward.
    2.00 pm Lunch and close

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    This programme looks very interesting and I’m really looking forward to it. Would you be able to publish a list of attendees and what area they are from? I am really looking forward to meeting everyone from across the country to hear their thoughts and ideas, but I’d also like to network with those from Norfolk, or least know who they are, with a view to getting together after the event to discuss a way forward for Neighbourhood Planning at a local level.
    Faye 🙂

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    Amy Shepherd

    Hi Emma

    This looks like a really good agenda and I am really looking forward to the residentials.

    In preparation is there anything that the we should bring with us? Also how many champions do you expect to be present at each event?



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