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Good Examples where residents have shaped new developments in their neighbourhoo

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    Hi there,
    Does anyone have any good examples, where residents have shaped developments in their neighbourhoods? This is an issue for one of my groups and it would be good to hear some good examples from other neighbourhoods.
    many thanks,

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    I have a strong example from where I live. Local people were faced with a totally inappropriate redevelopment of a run down neighborhood shopping centre – which many are keen to see improved. The scale of what was proposed (254 meter long building up to 8 stories) and the attitude of the developers mobilised people in what was seen as a sleepy suburb (no existing community association). A strong local campaign developed – 1250 formal written objections, 750 people surrounding the area waving red balloons etc. Despite senior coouncil and planning officer support, the planning committee threw it out. The local Conservative MP appeared at the ctee meeting to speak on our side (against a similarly tory district council).

    NOW new developers are planning a smaller development with key buildings protected and serious consultation. This is almost harder to engage with: those who want a good new development to meet needs (including social housing) are in almost unspoken conflict with those who really don’t want any change. We have developed our own ‘vision’ and had to learn a lot abut planning issues etc.#

    The website gives a bit of the flavour https://westwayconcern.wordpress.com/ – happy to discuss

    Chris Church

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    Hi Paul.

    Many examples of how residents have helped shape their neighbourhoods through parish councils in a publication called ‘It Takes All Sorts’ (NALC, 2011) – http://www.nalc.gov.uk/library/publications/804-it-takes-all-sorts/file .

    Hope this helps,

    Chris (NALC)

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    Hi Paul,
    Our Place Saffron Lane had a say on Housing Developments. For example they added bungalows.
    Our Place Cranbrook are trying to get public space included in this entirely new town. Here is a film for a flavour – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQytRX2XyKQ&feature=youtu.be
    Best wishes,

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