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Can Anybody Help or Advise Me About How To Set Up A Much Needed Community Website?

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    Hi Everyone

    I am struggling to set up a website for my community and I would be most appreciative of any guidance anybody could give me as I am finding it very difficult and I am becoming more and more frustrated as time passes. I know they are probably very easy to make, I have watched videos and tried weebly and other sites but cant seem to create anything that resembles a credible website that people would want to join. I live in one of the most deprived areas in Manchester and we have lost almost all places where local peephole would once have come together to talk and discuss local matters. Once you would have gone to the pub maybe but they have all been closed in our area and people use the local supermarket now for cheep take homes. Nobody comes out anymore and people are becoming more and more detached from each other and it is leaving us vulnerable, dangerously so.

    we have also lost our local paper which was much needed so i thought we could maybe create a website that was based around being a kind of Newspaper/Magazine theme but with a forum that local people could talk about the issues in the hope of sparking debate and change that brought us closer together. I thought if it was a newspaper local people could be the journalists, reporters and we could print an issue every month and distribute it locally, a kind of mix of local news, views and concerns with stories from the past and history of our community as well as promoting local groups and events etc.

    If anybody can help me or even advise me I would be eternally great full and it would really change the lives of many people Thank you for your time HL

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    There are a couple of possibilities.
    Streetlife.com seems to cover most places and could possibly distribute the sort of info that you have in mind. They literally live up to the name and cover very small, as well as larger, events.
    The other possibility is to use your local Community Voluntary Services group. (If you don’t belong you ought to!) Cost is low and they have access to all kinds of help and services. You can probably get a free site from them that you can develop yourself or, as is our case locally, they email out details of events each week to member groups completely free of charge. I can only speak for ours, but there is a mass of help and advice available, including where to obtain grants, and basic ways of running a group – and keeping within the law. I think we get charged around £ 25 – 40 a year as a voluntary group

    Hope one or other helps!
    Best wishes

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    Hi HL

    I think your idea is great. I’m not far from you and know that the area will greatly benefit from something like this.

    For a free community website which is pretty straightforward to set up and easy to update and add pictures etc., our group have used the BT community kit (www.btck.co.uk) and this works very well using Firefox internet explorer and is compatible with Microsoft office so you could upload a newsletter onto the website quite easily.

    We are in the process of setting up a forum on our site by embedding the free chat room service from http://www.parachat.com on to our website so I can’t tell you what it’s like to use yet but it might be an option worth looking at once you get a website up and running.

    There are a few other free chat room sites available which can also be embedded into a webpage depending on what security and admin services you will require.

    Hope that helps.


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    Hi everyone,
    Cracking advice here, guys!
    To add to the posts above, another option is to set up a website using WordPress. All of the basic features are free and it’s my favourite tool for websites. We posted a blog post about it recently, which you can see here: http://www.justact.org.uk/2014/09/11/the-community-groups-very-simple-guide-to-setting-up-a-website/

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    Hi there,

    It’s probably way too late now, but I work for a company called HugoFox, and we are exactly what you are looking for! I am a member of a neighbourhood plan steering group, and we used HugoFox for our website. I loved the whole concept so much, I asked if they had any jobs going.

    We have a platform specifically designed to link communities together, you can sign up and design your own website, with great design, good functionality and best of all, it’s free to community organisations and charities. There’s no annoying advertising, and the back-end has been highly engineered to make it really easy to drive.

    If you haven’t already found the right platform for your website, have a look at HugoFox. You can find us at Hugofox.com and there’s lots of information on how it all works.

    If you need help, we have a great team of friendly techies, designers etc., contactable via the HF website.

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