Technical tips for using the forum

You Can

Technical tips for using the forum

Whether you’re a complete novice or a forum expert, everyone can contribute to the forum to ask questions or share experiences about community projects.

For help to register on the Just Act site, see the Getting Started on the Forum page (anyone can read the forum, but you’ll need to be registered to post). Keep reading for some tips and technical advice to get you asking and answering questions, or participating in our live discussions.

How to ask or answer questions

The forum is essentially a list of conversations called ‘topics’. To create a new topic, scroll down to the bottom of the list and you’ll see a simple form. Add your subject, type your message and hit ‘submit’ when you’re done.

You can add a reply to any of the topics by typing a message at the bottom of the page.

Using the ‘quote’ and ‘reply’ functions

This is really useful especially during busy times such as live discussions, as it is really clear who has said what.

Reply QuoteEach post has a quote and reply option. Clicking the ‘quote’ button will copy that post into the reply box. When you press ‘submit’ it will display something like this:


Reply Quote

Clicking ‘reply’ will take you straight to the box at the bottom to type and add your thoughts.

As the forum runs in real time, the newest posts will always appear at the very bottom of the thread. If there are lots of people using the forum at once, just make sure that you scroll to the bottom to see the latest posts, as sometimes a few of us post at the same time!

How to stay in the loop

FavouriteBy clicking ‘Subscribe’ within a topic, you can get an email reminder when somebody replies.

This means that you won’t miss out if someone answers your question, as well as getting updates on topics that you haven’t yet replied to.

These can just as easily be switched off if the discussion becomes less relevant to you, as the word ‘subscribe’ will automatically change to ‘unsubscribe’. You can see and edit your subscriptions in your Profile.

By clicking ‘Favourite’, the topic is added to a list of favourites that you can go back to again and again. If you head to your Profile, and click the link ‘Forums’ just under your profile picture, there are the following lists:


Here you can easily see and manage the topics you’ve created, the replies you have sent, your list of favourites and your list of topics that you have subscribed to. You can use these functions to stay updated and go back to what you find most useful.

How to attach pictures and documents

You can attach documents or photos to posts in the Just Act forum. You can upload up to four photos or documents per post, here’s how:

  • Just underneath where you’d type your message, there’s a button that says ‘Browse’. This works just like attaching documents to an email.
  • Find the file you want to attach and click ‘Open’. Then, under the button, a list of the files you’ve selected will be visible.
  • Type your forum message as usual and hit ‘submit’.
  • The maximum size for files on the Just Act Forum is 11.5MB.

Help formatting your posts

If you’re after a bit more advanced help on making your posts look great, here’s some extra guidance on adding formatting to your posts. This includes text decoration such as making things bold or italic, as well as how to insert links and lists.