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Re: Thursday 21 August 12-1pm – Live Discussion

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There are no short cuts! Like everyone else has said, make sure you meet the criteria, answer every question and make sure that everything is exactly as requested. That includes sending in what they ask for – make sure it is that – complete and no extras unless they say so. Otherwise, they do have large receptacles just next to their desk and the application that you have spent hours on, will go straight into it without being read. Every funder will tell you that and it is the starting point in their sorting application

PS Someone mentioned the ‘value’ of Volunteer hours. This is used where ‘match funding’ is required – in other words, that if you’ve asked for £ 5,000 then you’ve got the same at least coming from other sources. Often, the Volunteer Value is accepted instead, and this is at £ 11.09 per hour. We spend around £ 6,000 a year on our Enfold Project, covering food and premises etc, but our Volunteer value is around £ 20,000 annually. This also helps to impress on Funders that your group really is putting real input and interest into the project