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And hello Claire! in terms of sample application forms, I usually give people who come to us with a project idea looking for funding, a basic template with the following questions (similar to what funders will ask):

1. About the Project

What would you like to do? Describe the activity/project – duration, activities included etc.

Who will you be working with? Numbers, age-range, etc. Are there any specific demographics of participants you will target, i.e. young people, BME communities etc.

Also, partner organisations?

What will the participant be doing/learning? What activities will they be taking part in and for how long?

2. About the need

What is the need for this project and how have you identified it?

Do you have quantitative (i.e. numbers/stats) evidence?

Do you have qualitative evidence i.e. testimonies from people showing the need for your project?

What are the needs/issues affecting the specific target groups you have identified?

What are you trying to improve?
Is there support or what is the support you would like from partner groups?

Detail about past experience relevant to the project and why you know this project idea will work

3. Outcomes

What will participants get out of taking part in the project?

What will they learn?

How will they benefit?

What is the ideal aspiration/outcome for those taking part?

4. Evaluation

How will you assess if the project has made a difference?

What will be the indicators as to whether the project has been a success and how will you measure/monitor/record this?

How will you evaluate the project and what would you like to see happen at the end of the project?

5. Budget