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[b]Quote from Elizabeth.Jewell on August 21, 2014, 12:34[/b]
Question for everyone: Has anyone applied for funding and been unsuccessful? Why do you think that was and what might you try next time?

You WILL be unsuccessful!
Partly because inevitably one asks the wrong people, but mainly because of the shortage of funds around and the pressures on the funders. One said that the success rate for them was 0.3% of applications!
However, if you build up your relationships and track record, use every bit of publicity that you can, and get permission to quote leaders of different types (I can quote a Cabinet Member for our County Council, and leader of our District Council without asking for specific permission for each time that I do – but I do make sure that I have the courtesy to tell them that I’ve done so, and thank them again), then you stand a chance!
Because I know who I now can approach with a realistic hope, my success rate is somewhere around 20%. But it has taken time!