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[b]Quote from karinacastro on August 21, 2014, 12:46[/b]
Hello there!

My name is Karina, I’m a Project Manager – Reaching Communities at Trinity Community Arts, a charity in Bristol.

In response to your question for everyone: Has anyone applied for funding and been unsuccessful? Why do you think that was and what might you try next time?

We made at least a dozen of funding applications a year, big and small, fo a variety of projects.

The times we have been unsuccesful has been because we didn’t meet all of the funders criteria or they were oversubscribed but also lots of funds have closed or been reduced. So we try to look for funding that fits our projects and not come up with projects that might fit funders, if you see what I mean. That makes it easier.

Hi Karina, so great to have you here!
Sounds like you’re an expert – do you have any advice on writing applications for those who don’t have much experience?