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So with the round up approach, we ask businesses that have a vested interest in the marine environment (surf schools, yacht marinas, cruise companies, etc. to ask customers at point of purchase if they would like to either round up the payment or add a suggested donation on to the payment. This money is then paid to Sea-Changers which allocates grants to mainly small marine conservation project. The suggested payment amount varies depending on the cost of an item. So our cruise ship partner asks people to add £25.00 on the cost of a cruise (usually around £2,500) and a surf school would maybe suggest a couple of £s. Other companies take this approach – Pets at Home asks you to round up your bill at the till with the money going to animal charities.

we have found it really hard work to get businesses engaged, probably not helped by the fact that the charity launch coincided with the recession so businesses were anxious about price hikes and looking uncompetitive. But those businesses that are engaged have become loyal supporters.