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[b]Quote from Elizabeth.Jewell on August 21, 2014, 12:22[/b]
[quote][b]Quote from rebekahryder on August 21, 2014, 12:20[/b]
I suppose the best bit of advice is that crowdfunding can work for community groups but you need to be very clear on what your project is, what message you are getting across to supporters and be prepared to spend time and energy continuously promoting it.

Excellent advice, thank you! What sort of projects does Crowdfunding suit best, do you think? Do you have any inspiring success stories from your research?[/quote]

It works well for most projects, but it has to connect with people (which goes back to the importance of your message). You have to show to your supporters why investing in your project is a good idea (the same as you would for any grant application).

The most inspiring projects we came across in the research were examples of quite small community groups raising money for specific services or bits of equipment or one-off events that captured people’s imagination. Some of these projects came about because the groups talked to existing supporters or their community and identified a need, but there was no money to fund the meeting of this need, so they turned to crowdfunding.