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[b]Quote from duncanwood on August 21, 2014, 12:22[/b]
Hi there!
I guess there are some basic rules!
Be positive and show that you really do have something to contribute to the group that you say you are serving.
Build up relationships with possible funders
Go back for "re-fills". If they have already funded you and you have done a good job with that money, They already ‘know’ you and you’re already half way there.
Grab every bit of publicity that you can. It’s amazing how that impresses them. We are mentioned in a publication by the Cabinet Office – it’s actually about a steam of funding that they have introduced, but we and our work are the main illustration!
Make the most of funders who have a local interest. We use a few whose interest is in Essex (and one that I emailed to ask if our work was of interest (so I could send further details), replied to say a cheque was in the post. You just never know…………………..!
Regards to all
The Enfold Project

That’s great! Excellent, positive advice there and a great success story – thanks!
How did you find out which funders you could approach?