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Re: Our first live discussion Wednesday 11 June 2014

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[b]Quote from charlotte.stuffins on June 11, 2014, 12:39[/b]
Thinking back to when you first got involved, did any of you use volunteering centres/ websites to find opportunities?
And is that something you do know, to try and get others involved in your projects? Or is it more about connecting with other groups and raising the awareness of what you do?

Like Sandra, we are as much about bringing groups together as we are getting new projects off the ground, and apart from ‘propaganda gardens’ which we look after ourselves, we don’t start a new projects without a group to ‘own’ it, so we too have found that organising little events and get-togethers works great for bringing people together, reviving disengaged community groups and getting new groups and collaborations.

We have a Facebook group as well as a page, and we’ve made it very clear that all groups are welcome to call out for volunteers via that group. And we encourage volunteers to come and offer their time in the group. We’ve found that that, and Twitter call outs have worked better than anything else for both finding volunteers and matchmaking volunteers and groups.