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Re: Our first live discussion Wednesday 11 June 2014

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[b]Quote from charlotte.stuffins on June 11, 2014, 12:09[/b]

It would be great to hear about your motivations for getting involved in Hull – were you seeking out an opportunity to do something fun and set up Assemble Fest, or was in it in reaction to an issue in the area?

I’ve always loved the local culture scene and have worked in marketing for years, primarily arts marketing. I wanted to see theatre down Newland Avenue, a community area in Hull filled with different nationalities, independent businesses and student culture. I shared the idea with a friend, Madeleine O’Reilly, who’s a theatre director, and she loved it. Mungo Arney, a local actor turned producer, joined us soon after, and over the course of a year we organised Assemble Fest.

Seven specially commissioned theatre pieces were performed five times each in a single day. The venues ranged from a coffee shop to a car park to an empty student house. We also made sure to involve the community as much as possible, from Hull Uni students putting on free workshops and buskers being invited to perform on the street, to providing volunteering and recruitment opportunities for people in that area. We also worked with other theatres, such as Slung Low in Leeds, Zoo Venues in Edinburgh and The Lowry in Salford, to give Hull people an opportunity to meet industry professionals from across the UK. A lot of work but well worth it! 😀