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Re: Our first live discussion Wednesday 11 June 2014

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[b]Quote from richsutherland on June 11, 2014, 12:16[/b]
[quote][b]Quote from charlotte.stuffins on June 11, 2014, 12:09[/b]
Do you find people respond well when you try and contact them "off line"? How do you go about it?

For Assemble Fest’s pre-event campaign we built up the digital following as well as use mass offline marketing materials, such as flyers through 3,000 doors (mostly targeted demographic areas), posters along the avenue where the festival would take place, and interviews with the local press and media.

Once this had been done and people were more familiar with the brand, we attended networking sessions, asked friends to spread the word in their own circles, and made the pre-event activity as bright and friendly as possible in order to build a rapport on a more individual basis, such as telling families about the treasure hunt and artists about the street art.[/quote]

That’s great Rich, thanks!
It would be great to hear about your motivations for getting involved in Hull – were you seeking out an opportunity to do something fun and set up Assemble Fest, or was in it in reaction to an issue in the area?