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Re: Our first live discussion Wednesday 11 June 2014

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It’s a bit of a story! Started with a big rebuild/renovating plan, but usual story – cost too much, so was done piecemeal, which actually gave us time to think. County Councillor asked the question "so what are you doing about the local community?" – we weren’t too sure there was such a thing!!!!
Made us think & plan, then when Big Society Grants came through, we included some suggestions when applying for a grant from County & District Councils, and because the deprivation levels are so bad and life expectancy 18 years less than the other side of the County, they came ‘running’ with the money!
So, Feb 2012 we started breakfasts & free showers for homeless, disadvantaged and vulnerable adults, together with nurses, and other specialist agencies and now average between 55 – 65 each week.
Under our ‘Enfold’ umbrella we also run Child Contact Centre, Community money Advice, Computer/IT classes and JobClubs.
They are all fully funded by a variety of charities
Enfold is regarded as a ‘Signature’ project by Essex County Council and also hosted the BBC 5 Live Breakfast Broadcast at the end of January this year.
We link in with other groups and supporting forums, but my guess is that we are doing as much as we can cope with for the foreseeable future.
Soory it’s so long, but you did ask………………………..!