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Hi guys! My name’s Rich and I’m a freelance copywriter, social media manager and marketing guy, often working in the arts and community sectors.
I currently freelance at Hull Truck Theatre and Hull University Union, as well as working for various clients that range from a mechanics to a coffee shop and a cloud hosting company to a gift website. I’m also one of the organisers of Assemble Fest (www.facebook.com/assemblefest), a new theatre festival in Hull that launched on Saturday 3rd May 2014. I’m very happy to say that we completely sold out – over 700 seats filled throughout the day – and even had Radio 4 down. This was made possible thanks to our funders, one of which was the Community Development Foundation.
If anyone ever needs any tips on ideas generation, campaign management, digital and offline communications and/or organising an event, just give me a shout.
All the best,
Twitter: @sobananapenguin