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Wahey! I’m in. Hello everyone, I’m Claire in Bristol. Fantastic to read all the intros and to be a part of the Just Act community.

A very quick bit about me: I describe myself as a corporate marketing escapee… After 12 years marketing big FMCG brands, I now work exclusively with social enterprises and people driven by a cause, passion or mission on extending influence and developing engaged communities. Others have described me as "a techy, green, foodie activist"!

I’m on the core/strategy team of Incredible Edible Bristol and the Blue Finger Alliance and active on the Food Action Group of Bristol Green Capital 2015 – so deeply interested in food security, food poverty and food sovereignty issues. Big into sustainability, localism, new economies, that kind of thing.

Also involved in several local community groups in my area of Bristol, St Paul’s concerned with protection, celebration and community ownership of green spaces. Am a huge fan of Co-production.

Spare time is spent socialising, hooping, volunteering, baking and exploring this quirky city.

Really looking forward to getting to know you all on here. 🙂