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Re: Live discussion: Tuesday 22 July 12-1pm

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Not as much as we should! We have leaflets, we also get heavily mentioned within a local news letter regularly, we have also been in a national martial arts magazine promoting the benefits of the sport within the school curriculum. The rest of the publicity is word of mouth. I feel we would engage more yoong people if the the local authority (which will remain nameless) worked more in partnership with us. The LA has kind of lost interest in what we are doing if I am honest, you would expect their Youth Support Service to take a project such as S2S and bring groups of young people over to engage, especially as we do not charge a penny for those who train with us, but it very much seems they are of the opinion, that what they are doing is much better and offers no overlap with partnership working. It is a huge shame, one of which I have taken to my local MP with little repsonse.