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Re: Friday 26 September, 12-1pm: live discussion

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Who are struggling with finding a building? You really need to get on board with your MPs and Councillors; tell them that rates are too high (if that is the case) if your community organisation is not for profitt (which it should be) then there is perhaps something that can be done to get reduced rates. It was the first thing I did when establishing S2S. The conservatives always pushed this Big Society message in the early days of the election and yes there are plenty of likeminded folk who want to make a difference to their communities, but the last thing they want to do is be out of pocket. I think CDF and Community First have greatly assisted in many groups setting up ideas they would not have the courage to do for fear of losing out financially, it takes a lot of guts to out your money where your mouth is, especially when you are not really gaining any financial incentive. Back to my first point it needs good eager indivuduals, a good community focused idea, targeting a high need in the ward or parish and thirdly good local bacjking.