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Re: Friday 26 September, 12-1pm: live discussion

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[b]Quote from rpresgrave on September 26, 2014, 12:00[/b]
Morning everyone, Ralph from Submit 2 Success – From personal experience I would say it needs those members of the community who have their community at the centre of their agenda and want better for their individual areas. For my project for example I have always been passionate not just about my town but about working with young people (being a youth worker) and fitness. I simply combined the three of these to establish my organisation, so my short answer would be those motivated enough and who want change for their local communities.

Hi Ralph!
Glad you’re here.

This month we’re talking about what groups need to thrive, and the support they’ll need to get there. My first question is about facilities – think buildings, meeting spaces and equipment to get your group going.

What do you use, what do you need and how did you find them?