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[b]Quote from sandratrickett on September 26, 2014, 12:45[/b]
Showing evidence of impact is sometimes difficult especially for our project as once you’ve made improvements to something we can’t really turn back the clock and show what would have happened had we not got involved and people tend to forget very quickly what things were like previously. We link in with the local schools with questionnaires and this is a good way of getting feedback from the park users.

Our Facebook page is our biggest asset to use as a platform for displaying and recording what we do and the feedback we receive helps us to realise the impact. Having a good relationship with our local press has been vital, this has helped us to become a recognised group with credibility for making improvements.

We have a hard copy portfolio of everything we do and update it regularly, this is then a convenient way of displaying our impact to local businesses from whom we have had a lot of support.

Keeping a Facebook record and a hard copy portfolio are both brilliant tips. Thank you Sandra!

Is there anything funders could be doing to help groups demonstrate their impact?