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[b]Quote from Elizabeth.Jewell on September 26, 2014, 12:39[/b]
Thank you everyone for all of this so far – it’s really interesting to see how you’ve all figured things out!

I wanted to ask about the ways that groups can develop people. Have you found that your group has had the chance to provide training to members of the community? Have you taken any training yourself to keep your group ticking along?
Is there any help in developing your volunteers that you think funders or large organisations could provide?

Some of the basic courses that are often requirements would be useful to make accessible: things like First Aid. Often these are provided for charities during the week, but if you have a team made up solely of volunteers, its a massive ask for them to use their annual leave to do a course for the cause they are already supporting with their free time.

In terms of providing training to the young people our project serves- we’re really big on getting them involved in other projects where they can have responsibility. A couple of the younger ones have started volunteering at children’s groups and we were keen for some who were dropping off the top of the age range (school years 7-9) to come back as ‘young leaders’ but that hasn’t quite worked out this year.

Largely, we’ve found our own way and learned through errors, thankfully no major ones though!