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Hi All,

My name is Kerry-Anne. I am the youth director at Cadence Cafe CIC in Tyldesley. We’re a small Arts and Culture hub who actively promote the local community to be more engaged with art, music, literature, media, heritage and culture.

I have volunteered at Cadence since September 2012 helping out at every community event. In April I was offered this position which I eagerly accepted. It is my responsibility to work with the young people within the community and organise projects and workshops that would engage them with the arts. I have organised and co-organised; local music festivals, music workshops, band nights, employability based workshops and film clubs.

I am currently organising a youth film club with ‘Into Film’, a film club with an educational twist helping young people to improve their literacy and team working skills. Young people will have the chance to publish their reviews on thew website and win prizes for the best one. Through this project I hope to educate young people in film, production and writing reviews. It serves as a platform to inform young people that they can pursue which ever career path they wish.

I also write funding bids for projects that require funding to run. It is my responsibility to write them, proof read and make sure they include enough evidence to be successful. I also have quite a bit of knowledge on places one could look to for funding, what they fund and how you could go about receiving it.

That’s me in a nutshell! Thanks for reading!