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Hi Sophie
I have supported the development of a job club, and now run it twice a week. Unfortunately I can not help you in your information quest for people who have set up job clubs in city areas as we are a very rural community, and our Job Club is funded by the local Parish Council.

I am aware however that the profile of job clubs is rising and DWP can see the need and benefit of investing in them, it may be worth you approaching your local DWP office for start up funding. (They will not fund ongoing work, but will look at start up cost)

In the past 2 years we have supported over 160 people into work, and many more onto training or into volunteer opportunities. We have had success because of our approach. Everyone who comes into the job club is treated as an individual and everyone has an individual action plan for job seeking. We only suggest courses where these are beneficial to a job seeker (we are lucky and do not rely on course numbers for our funding)

Our job club is run a little like an employment agency – Job seeker comes in, skills assessed, life skills assessed, local companies approached. We do not always wait for a job vacancy to be advertised or phoned in, we go out and find it.

Martock Job Club is very lucky to have 10 volunteers from many different backgrounds, some have been unemployed and understand the struggle, some employed, managers, HR people and self employed business people, therefore there is always someone who can support an individuals wants and needs.

Your job club needs to be a safe environment, where people are happy to come and chat through their job seeking, you will often pick up other issues along the way that need to be addressed first before job seeking can begin – We have emergency food parcels, interview clothes and can support with housing ensuring that persons life is secure, meaning they have the capacity to find work.

We assist with CV writing, interview skills, applications and raise self esteem and confidence along the way. We have even been known to show people how to do specific things, like cleaning for example so they can apply for jobs.

I am not sure if that is helpful, but I wish you every success, anything you can do to support people is amazing as the support is best coming from the community within who understand their local areas, rather than the statutory bases that really don’t understand the struggles and are constraint by rules and targets.
Good Luck