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My name is Catherine and am involved in a couple of community garden projects and community led initiatives in Croydon. The community garden projects are based in Wandle park, Croydon and the other is based at Park Hill, Croydon and with both projects we are fortunate to have a core team of volunteers. As part of our planning this year we are aiming to get more of the local residents involved in both projects and the best way is to plan specific workdays or activities and to use social media to advertise. For example, at the wandle park community garden we will have an orchard planting day, and a wild flower sowing day. With Park Hill we are planning events to be part of the Croydon Heritage festival because in the Walled Garden in the park there is a dedicated memorial bed for Cicely Mary Barker, the author of the Flower Fairies book, because she was a local resident. The gardeners are replanting the bed using her books as inspiration and other volunteers, with different skills and talents, are planning and creating a storytelling /dancing area so that we can get children involved. In doing our research we also found two other locations in Croydon with the author link so that we can develop a heritage trail from the park. The key is networking and I found twitter particularly useful in developing that network. Even though your group will have certain aims and objectives the key thread to them all is to get people connected, out of social isolation, get them out and about and show others that there is community here in Croydon.