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Tahir Khan

Hi my name is Tahir Khan; I am 66 years old and have lived in the UK since 1965. Over the past three decades I have worked in the community tackling racial discrimination and promoting community cohesion. I am a legal Immigration Adviser and Chairperson of Unity Organisation, Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Network and Sustainable Sunderland. Unity was established in Sunderland in 1980 as a Multicultural Centre supporting vulnerable members of the community regardless of race and culture. We introduced new ideas to fill the gap for provisions within the local community. Helped authorities and Educational establishments to revise their policies in order to improve services to the whole community and raising awareness of BME issues. Through volunteering we offer work experience opportunities. We host Multicultural festivals breaking racial barriers and sharing cultural heritage. Other projects include Counselling, Debt management, Kids club, Leisure and well-being sessions for both men and women. Four years ago I stepped down as a school governor however I now visit schools and colleges exploring and sharing local history and how the UK was in the mid 60’s to date through Equality and Diversity awareness sessions.