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Hi guys! I’m from the research team here at CDF.

In our research we see lots of ways that projects big and small can show the difference they’re making. One of these is Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis. Don’t be put off by the scary name, it basically is about giving a financial value to all of the things that you put into the project – your money, time, equipment – and to all the impacts that you have. Then you can say “for every £1 that we spent on our project we created £5 worth of value to the local community”, for example.

Thanks Jamie!

The bit of research that Jamie is mentioning is CDF’s newest report, Tailor-made. It’s all about how small community groups are providing vital (sometimes overlooked) services and how they can be supported to do this. You can explore the research on an interactive microsite – tailor-made.cdf.org.uk and the part of the report Jamie is referring to can be found here: http://cdf.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/value-of-sector.pdf

And if you want some info on how to get started with SROI, this website is a pretty good introduction: http://www.proveandimprove.org/tools/sroi.php

Thank you to everyone for your insights, there’s some really great tips in here so I hope you found it useful. That’s about all we’ve got time for today, but keep an eye out for a round up blog of the discussion.

Thanks again,