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At Cadence Cafe CIC we track progress in several ways.

Social Media – We update multiple social media sites daily with statuses on the progress.
Photos& Videos – Being a media hub we’re big into media and track a lot of our progress with it. Make sure what you put up is action packed. Ensure people are doing things in the photos and take a before and after photo if it is something tangible like renovating a building. Also, include short statements of what people have said about your project in your videos and again do a before and after shot.
Newspapers – I must write about 3 press releases a week, but contacting the local newspaper is a really good way to keep your community up to date with your project.
Testimonials – Write down what people have said about the work you have done. Ask them if they would mind writing a sentence or two about how your project has made a difference and what they have gained from this.
Feedback – SurveyMonkey is a really useful resource to collate feedback about your project.
Monthly Newsletters – Write a simple newsletter (make is visually vibrant) and put it up in windows of local businesses to inform the community about what you’re up to and how you’re making a difference.
Wesbite – Update your organisation’s website on any progress a project has made. This is a brilliant place to put down any feedback and testimonials you’ve had back.

Thanks for reading!