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Howdy all! I’m going to be flitting back and forth as today is more hectic than expected, so here are some tips to start off. :-)

PHOTOS – Before and after photos can work a treat if your project makes a physical difference to a place. (Make sure to take pics from the exact same angle and distance.)

FEEDBACK – Use SurveyMonkey or another survey website to create a short and clear feedback survey. Think hard what format you would like certain answers in, e.g. yes/no, multiple choice, open answer

VIDEO – This can combine feedback with a look at how your project is transforming a community. Perfect for embedding on websites and social media, and potential funders can even view from mobile devices. Make it short – 90 seconds keeps it digestible and shareworthy.

INVEST IN A DESIGNER – People want to see why a project is worth funding, but with so many other projects around you need to fight to get their attention! Infographics, stylish charts and other clever and eye-catching design can work wonders.

Thanks for joining us, Rich! Good to have you here.

Could you tell us a little bit about how you used those tips for your project and what impact you think they’re having?