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Hi John,
I’m not sure that the forum is still alive actually – maybe yes in the sense that its not closed , but it doesn’t appear to be “manned” given the lack of anything new for some time. I thought I saw something implying it might have been subsumed into the Locality pages, but who knows. Google also throws up this NP forum, but I don’t know if its a Govt initiative or what, although it also seems to be limping along!;

I can’t see Planning Permission in Principle having much take up in NPs to be honest, probably more of interest to housebuilders – I think thats who its really aimed at to make it easier for developers to get “old style” Outline planning permissions. In our neck of the woods, we have had a few predictable developer grumbles about the NP and but I don’t think there are any live appeals currently, they seem to have backed off for now. Ironically, there was a small scale housing proposal recently which the Parish Council DID want to support and I wrote the case for them explaining how it DID comply with our NP policies, being small scale and sustainable, but the District Council took the view that it was contrary to the NP, even though it was me who basically wrote the NP so we knew exactly what the policies mneant!