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Hi Jeff

I am interested to see that the forum seems to still be alive, if on life support!! I have not heard anything for months, do you think the funding has disappeared??

I was talking to DCLG a few weeks ago and they confirm that the review process is being covered in the new NDP bill which will go through Parliament over the next 12 or so months. There will be more in the bill to give more punch to the NDPs including Planning Permission in Principle.

We are still struggling with the matter of clarity and contradiction over lack of 5 yr housing land supply effectively invalidating the NDPs that have people have worked so hard to produce. We have now had 2 rejected planning applications for housing development go to appeal. One went to a hearing before an inspector last month (we await the outcome) and another appeal is underway now. Its all very disheartening. Our District Council now has over 30 communities involved in producing NDPs, quite an achievement, I just wish the SoS would also show support and guidance for the concept and make a positive statement that NPPF192 applies if a 5yr supply can’t be demonstrated.

Keep in touch, its good to know there is still someone out there!!!