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Not me personally but I know from first hand discussions that Torbay Community Dev Trust (headed by Simon Shebersky) have started a suite of asset based health and care interventions (incl social prescribing, and crisis management) in partnership with the NHS and local govt in Torquay.

Also Somerstown Community Assn based nr London Kings Cross (headed by Sarah Elie) have an employment advice hub which delivers lots of services which overlap job-seeking and social care support and is also built on the asset based methods of SCA.


In terms of NHS awareness of these, somebody it seems does know about the Torbay example as they are name-checked on p88 of http://www.local.gov.uk/documents/10180/6927502/Appendix+-+Pioneer+Profiles+and+Case+Studies/1f7b8968-c949-4116-af33-339d40286cea

Hope that helps.


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