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Bill, yes, we pretty much say that in ours too, but there doesn’t actually appear to be a legal framework in place yet setting out the process to go through.

When I have been asked about that at local public meetings I have had to say “yes we do intend to keep it under review but we don’t yet know how reviews process will work as it doesn’t yet exist – when we know we’ll tell you”. I suppose, in theory, you could formally announce a review process and, since the NP area is already designated, thats at least one stage you wouldn’t need to do again, then proceed to do a complete new NP, with full consultation, examination, referendum etc, but you wouldn’t really want to do that for a simple, partial review and costs could also be off-putting. There is also the matter of linking it in to any Local Plan reviews/partial reviews.

I can see this being a big issue going forward, especially with developers constantly challenging Local Plans on matters like 5YHLS, which in turn will impact on NPs, leading to challenges on those for being out of date. Aside from the regulatory process I am also not convinced that small groups of volunteers in local communities will be able to sustain such a system long term, but that’s another debate. If NPs aren’t going to be a flash in the pan, some sort of long term resource network is going to be necessary. There’s also the question of how many NP groups have actually benefited from enhanced CIL payments yet? That was another one of the “carrots” which seems to have dropped off the radar a bit.