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Bill Reay

The last section in our Plan is titled ‘Monitoring Progress’. In it we say:
“This NDP has been created to address concerns raised by the local community and to secure the future of the parish. It is therefore important to have a robust monitoring process in place to check progress and to assess the on-going effectiveness of the NDP in terms of securing the shared vision that it is based on.

* The Parish Council will regularly monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the NDP. Where possible monitoring will be based on objective data, but qualitative assessments may also be made where objective data is not available. In addition to regular monitoring, the Parish Council will conduct a major review of the NDP every 5 years with the help of the local community. The NDP will then be updated if necessary.

* The Parish Council will take into account the results of regular monitoring when considering development applications, both prior to, and after, any review of the NDP.”

Another way we thought of was to review the Plan whenever the Local Plan was reviewed. May I say our Plan has yet to be examined!

Bill Reay
Longhope Glos. NDP
(Pop. 1500, rural)