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Just to add for anyone wanting to know how to bring individuals into the different routes for information and advice:

1) people can call the My Community Advice Line, Monday to Friday, 9.30 to 12.30 on 0300 020 1864. It’s useful to have a project and a route to funding it in mind – but we can always signpost on to other organisations with expertise, as well as some of the materials on the My Community website

2) individuals can also send us an e-mail at any time, following the links on the bottom of each page of the MyCommunity website – it’s helpful for us to know at this stage who the individual is representing (if from an organisation) and which of the programmes of funding or support that the question relates to

3) or if browsing the website, we can encourage a ‘live chat’ by popping up as an adviser and then discussing on-line one to one, what an individual is looking to do.


Jeremy Fennell