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The ACV route is likely to be dead-end given that the criteria for listing requires that the land is currently producing community benefit (or has done so in the recent past) and from your description it sounds like its last productive use was many years ago. So, this seems to be more about transforming it for future social benefit.

There was a similar thread on the forum a few weeks back – so perhaps it’s worth quoting again: “There’s no one way to go about this. Much will depend on the attitude of the local authority and you shouldn’t underestimate the time commitment involved. But there are lots of successful community-led asset projects to learn from, and at the heart of all of them is a broad base of local support, a viable business plan and a competent organisation to take the initiative forward. You can check out lots of free resources and inspiration on our website at: http://mycommunity.org.uk/programme/community-asset-transfer/ Contact our Help Centre at: http://mycommunity.org.uk/help-centre/ where we can have a fuller conversation.”

In addition, a Neighbourhood Planning exercise may well be a desirable route, as in the end it could play an important influencing role in terms of any future development on the site. Although it’s not a quick fix, contact us to discuss further.

Regards and good luck, Stephen.