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Hi Faye

Your Cringleford story is really depressing, what is the point of going through all the pain of producing a NDP if it is not going to be supported by the SoS?? I would be interested to hear his reasoning if you could forward the link to me when you find it. Once again it sounds like the 5 year housing supply issue is trumping everything, which is ridiculous at a Parish level. There is clearly a lot of political demand for hitting housing numbers, but I am just wondering who is going to actually build all these 200,000 houses a year? You cannot more than double the number of skilled tradesmen overnight. I understand nationally something like 500k-750k worth of housing approvals have gone through, but the builders are land banking it in order to get more approvals through before the new local plans are in place and a 5 year supply is verified.

I am pleased you find our plan helpful, there are a lot of good ideas out there on the in various established plans on the web, and where appropriate you should use them to frame your policies. You need to watch out on the wording of policies, they must be clear and unambiguous otherwise the Examiner will reject them. If you are lucky he might make some suggestions to improve and strengthen them as ours did.

Its interesting to note how so many communities have the same problems like infrastructure, parking and traffic, but I guess thats because we live in smallish villages which have road systems through the village centre which were established centuries ago and are now inadequate to cope with the housing expansion we have all been subjected to over recent years.

Keep in touch.