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Unfortunately I think that sort of situation is just going to be a fertile battleground for lawyers going forward until the inter-relationship between the NP and LP processes matures, possibly on the back of growing case law. Not an uncommon situation with any new system but you’re right, its far from ideal and does not give communities who have “done their bit” NP-wise much future confidence. I think all you can do is have a NP strategy towards housing/housing allocation which is as robust as it can be, in the context of the NP area in question. What you can’t be and aren’t expected to do through an NP is sort out the issue for the whole Local Plan area and other NPs in progress within that wider LP area. There is no statutory duty to co-operate when it comes to NPs, unlike LPs, so as long as you can justify your own approach and are not overtly anti development or relying on other areas to soak up too much then I think that’s all an NP can be reasonably be expected to address.

Gladman are notorious, they also lodged a JR challenge to Stafford Borough’s Local Plan on 5 year HLS, but lost, thankfully, which then obviously gave our NP a solid LP platform when it came to Examination shortly afterwards.