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Hi Jeff/Guy

My key issue is when a NDP is made (adopted) it is then treated like a Local Plan. The lack of the 5 year supply means that the Local Plan is considered to be not up to date, so is ineffective against a “Sustainable Development”. This is then also applied to a NDP thus making the NDP ineffective until the 5 year supply is proven, or so I have been told. I feel this is fundamentally wrong and that once the NDP is in place it should not be subjected to the 5 yr supply issue which is strategic. The NDP has already been proven to comply with NPPF, Local Plan etc. I feel this approach/interpretation of the NPPF undermines the whole concept of localism.

Guy – Was your comment about wrongly drawn up and waiting for the LPA to be finished sent in by Gladman Developments? We had a similar and lengthy submission from them at our reg 14 stage. They are apparently fighting NDPs all over the place (they have quite a reputation). They usually come up with legal sounding, but spurious arguments which our planning consultant Ann Skippers quickly put to bed.