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I think that’s my point. A volunteer “pool” is going to consist of a variety of people with different skill sets and time commitments, some non working, some working. That’s also a healthy mix. Therefore, ideally, volunteer based events could do with acknowledging that. Some events may be best during working daytime, others not necessarily, but perhaps more choice would help. The “live chats” on here for example, or other on-line events which are easily accessible from the comfort of home – no particular reason they have to be confined to daytime hours? Fortunately our LPA (Stafford Borough) was flexible and happy to attend our evening NP meetings at key stages. I was also able to have a quick chat or email exchange with the NP officer on the phone in the day when I had a moment. Back in my LPA planning officer days I also attended various Parish Council evening meetings when necessary, eg to help explain major planning applications I might have been dealing with.