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I am Daniel Stone and I’m a chartered town planner, working for the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a national charity working to combat climate change and fuel poverty.

We’re halfway through a 2-year project, giving support to neighbourhood planning groups who are keen to develop “Low Carbon” neighbourhood plans.

So far we have developed a Guidebook, collating all the best policy examples from different neighbourhood plans, covering issues such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport, flooding and green infrastructure.”

We’ve been updating the guidebook roughly once every 4 months to keep up with events (!) and the latest iteration, published this week, also includes suggested policies for retro-fitting historic buildings to improve their energy efficiency, and some tips we’ve picked up on community engagement & consensus building.

The guidebook can be viewed on the following link: http://www.cse.org.uk/news/view/2012

In addition, we’ve been giving hands on support to neighbourhood planning groups, both over the phone and in person including:

– Support with the delivery of public events/consultations
– Research for developing an evidence base
– Support with drafting policy and reviewing draft policies

We’re in touch with about 30 neighbourhood planning groups and have given detailed support to about 20 groups so far.

Any groups who are interested to develop their own low carbon neighbourhood plan are welcome to get in contact for support. Likewise we would welcome further low carbon policy ideas for inclusion in the next edition of our guidebook.

Many thanks for your time

Daniel Stone

0117 9341400