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Hi Jim,

Something similar happened where I live. I live in a community north west of Sheffield which is often isolated by snow, poor public transport etc. Our local sports centre which was run by the council was going to be closed down. The council wanted to sell the land that the sports centre stood on. The local UKip councillors were the driving force that ‘saved’ the centre. It does pain me to say this because I am not a supporter of UKip, I really don’t like them it was their own political interests that motivated them and subsequently got them in power locally. However they discovered the land was given to the people of Stocksbridge by an Earl that once owned the land. This proved the council’s had no legal right to sell the land to developers. You could try looking for a loop hole like this because you lack support from the local councillors.I think the key is to find a core group of people that are passionate about saving your sports centre. This is what saved ours.

Here’s a link to our sport centre:http://www.stocksbridgeclc.co.uk

This story may or may not be useful to you but I thought I’d share incase it gave you ideas.