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We have just about finished our draft plan.
We have focussed a lot of attention on consultation with our local community, and this really helps inform our overall plan.

We now have a session booked in with NEF to create an employment Logic model (19th Jan) with a wide range of local businesses, residents and key agencies. We have involved possible funders as well such as DWP and European funding options. The hope is we can inform decision making, and also influence by showing how spending made ‘upstream’ can big savings ‘downstream’.

Logic modelling can help identify the costs and potential savings and may lead to some Cost Benefit analysis, which again can help inform funders / partners decision making processes.

I have attached our draft logic model we will be working from.

Hi Bill – great to hear how you’re getting on and what you have coming up – working with NEF on an employment logic model sounds like a great next step and very encouraging that you are involving possible funders. Thanks for sharing where you’re up to with it.