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Sarah hi

We have receied the link to attach draft plans and any relevant documents. Do you have a format that you would like to see? One that enables you to collect the information you require?


Hi Natalia,

Advisers and participant groups have all been sent a document titled ‘what makes a good CED Plan’ – attached again here and the webinar with advisers on 3rd November also covered this in a bit more detail.

Ultimately, we’re not looking for a specific format but following submission of the outline plans we will be working on more resources to help with producing the final plan. For outline plans, we’re looking for more focus on the first three sections:

Context :
This should describe the geographic area which is the focus of the plan and can draw heavily on the Location Profile provided by the CED Programme Team, alongside any local information where necessary/desired.

This should reflect the work completed to date on the programme. It should clearly describe the outcomes the CED Plan is aiming to achieve. All planned activities identified in the detail of the plan should lead to one or more these outcomes so they need to be clearly described.

This section should describe the engagement undertaken to date and any planned engagement to deliver the plan including key relationships and partnerships.

The final three areas (Planned Activities, Resources and Timetable) should also be included but it is not necessary for them to be at the same level of detail at this stage (see the attached guidance for more information on these areas).

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