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Hello Lydia,

Have you registered it as an Asset of Community Value? There’s some more information here: http://mycommunity.org.uk/resources/asset-of-community-value-acv-kit/ but it provides an amount of protection to land with a demonstrable community use.

Is it owned by the local authority or by a private owner? Do you know if it has any nature conservation designations on it? And if it’s referenced at all in the local plan? The more you can get a site recognised as being of value for nature and the community, the more likely it is to be protected in the long term and not sold off for development etc.

In terms of practical ways of protecting it, the more active and used the space is the better. We did some research for the Forestry Commission looking at community management of woodlands and there are some short case studies in our report here that might give you some ideas.

Our case studies of
Neroche Woodlanders – https://makinglandwork.wordpress.com/case-studies/neroche-woodlanders/
Knoydart Forest Trust – https://makinglandwork.wordpress.com/case-studies/case-study-4/
might give you some ideas

and Blackbark – http://www.blackbark.co.uk are also a great organisation.

I did some work with the Friends of Train Wood in Norwich last year who were successful in getting their local wood protected:

If your group is interested in beginning to trade or earn income to support the site somehow, then there is a new funding programme which hasn’t quite opened yet, called Making Local Woods Work – you can sign up for more information here: http://www.plunkett.co.uk/News/making-local-woods-work-for-community-enterprise

hope that helps!

Hi there. Any tips on how Friends groups can get more involved in supporting their local green spaces? I’m a member of a Friends group for a relatively small strip of ancient woodland in the London Borough of Bromley. We help with land management, path clearance, etc but are there any other things a Friends group could be doing to protect the space for the future?