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Farooq Yunus

Kumon Y’All is a local charity based in Dewsbury that brings together people from different backgrounds, in order to increase understanding and positive interaction across different cultures and religions.

Based in Savile Town, an area in Dewsbury with a predominantly Muslim population, Kumon Y’All recognise that many of the problems familiar to modern Britain exist in their area and believe that, by drawing on the resources within the community and working hard with others, they can find solutions to these problems. They want to make the place they call ‘home’ a better place for all, irrespective of colour, creed or gender.

We met with the RM Tony Herrmann in July and discussed the ideas we had. I have since had some phone calls for additional support. We agreed that we would aim to produce a Community Action Plan based on what the young people who are members of Kumon Y’All can do to improve relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims in our community

Since the beginning of the First Steps program, Kumon Y’All has been busy conducting research in the local community; what are the issues between the different communities and how can we resolve it.

The first stage of research was conducted at the Let’s Unite football tournament and fun day. This event was attended by over 1,000 people. The research was recorded in a video format.

The second stage of the research will be conducted on 19/09/15. Kumon Y’All have organised a cricket match between imams and vicars. On this day, video interviews will be taken as well as an anonymous wall where people can write what they feel are the issues between the local communities and their ideas and solutions. This will give a true image of what the people from Dewsbury and surrounding areas think and how they would like to see it change.

The next step will be to collate all the information and record it in some way. Using the evidence, the young people will spend many hours to create a community action plan which will highlight what needs to be done and how.
Through the projects, Kumon Y’All has been able to recruit more volunteers, especially from the younger age groups. This is fantastic as it shows progress and more people are willing to part- take in the projects organised.

Whilst talking to people on camera, it was evident that people were holding back their true thoughts and giving very ‘safe’ answers. The plan of action for the next event will be to have a board where people can post anonymously where hopefully a more realistic response will be taken.