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Claire the only reason we are doing this particular project is because we have seen groups spring up and die down or struggle for want of members or volunteers. We thought it would be an idea to ask what people wanted and try to get some idea about need, numbers and volunteers before we put any specific problem together. Like everyone else it is a case of learning on the fly and we are have made lots of mistakes as we went along, as I am sure we will do again.

One of my pet wishes is for a pop-up garden and I think the fact that I actually go along to a community garden in the next village as we don’t have one. I wonder how many people realise that gardening with others reaches and addresses so many of the factors that go towards social, environmental and personal wellbeing. I really like you ideas. Have you been along to any of the community gardens that seem to be springing up and for something special try looking at Incredible Edible. Now there’s a community idea that makes me want to move house but it may have some inspirational ideas for you and act as evidence to support your cause.
You may already have this information but if not it may be useful to look and what the government says about growing spaces.

I look forward to watching and hearing how you go.